Witchkraft were formed in 1995 by guitarist Malcolm Midwood. They perform songs by a number of classic rock bands, but specialise in performing the music of Richie Blackmore. Well over half the set are classic songs from Deep Purple and Rainbow, including Black Night, Stormbringer, Highway Star, Long Live Rock and Roll, Stargazer and many more.

As well as accurately performing the songs, the band strive to bring the showmanship of the band to venues around the North of England.

The current lineup consists of:

  • Malcolm Midwood: Guitar

    Mal has dedicated his musical career to recreating the sound and stage presence of Ritchie Blackmore. He has Blackmore blood in his veins, quite literally thanks to his maternal ancestry! Mal founded Witchkraft in 1995. Mal uses Fender guitars; Marshall amplification & Picato strings.

  • Dave Lunn: Vocals

    Dave joined Witchkraft in December 2016.

  • Doug Hayes: Drums

    After a spell with Witchkraft in 2016 Doug rejoined Witchkraft in January 2017.

  • Garry Gaz Tone Croft: Bass

    Gaz rejoined Witchkraft in March 2016.